Working with Health Net is Worse than Chemo — Part III.

—This is PART III, for more information, check out PART I, PART II, and PART IV.

I had a tough time getting to sleep last Thursday night. But not because of the 5-FU (chemo drug) that has been pumping into my blood for the last 80-some hours straight. Drip…drip...drip…

It’s because I got a voicemail from Health Net’s Skye Davis. You might remember from part I that I had a meeting set up on Friday, February 19 between Health Net, the Mayo Clinic, and myself to work through some problems. Skye was canceling our meeting.

This is Skye Davis. In addition to being a Claims Supervisor at Health Net, he is also Lead Pastor at Synergy Church. The Bible verse his ministry is based on has to do with being a beacon. Shining your light across the world so that all can see and follow the example you set. One of his Church’s core beliefs is “In the victorious redemptive work of Christ on the cross that gives freedom from the power of the enemy — sin, lies, sickness and torment.” I believe that Skye wants to help me, but he is incapable of doing so because of Health Net’s massive dysfunction.

I called him back as quickly as possible to see what was going on. I first asked if they had called the Mayo Clinic to let them know that we wouldn’t be having a meeting the next morning (It was already past 5:30 central the time zone that I’m in AND the time zone that the Mayo Clinic is in).

“Yes.” He said, “With concern to the meeting itself, we have reached out to inform that we would not be able to keep the scheduled call…so yes.”

“Who did you speak to at the Mayo Clinic?” I asked.

“Ummm. I did not have that conversation so I don’t know who the individual was who was spoken to.”

I then asked Skye give me an update on where they stood with regard to the two specific issues that the call with the Mayo Clinic was supposed to address. He assured me that “this is not the end” and that they are “still working through their process,” but that he “[doesn’t] have any updates at this time.”

I asked where they were in the process, thinking, it’s been a week and a half since I got my case in the hands of the escalation team, surely they’ve made some progress.

“I don’t have any developments yet,” said Skye.

“So let me understand this. You have been ‘working’ on my case for a week and a half and you have nothing to show for it, other than canceling the meeting that I worked to set up?” I asked.

He went on and on about how he doesn’t want me to “feel like they aren’t working on it,” and some other customer service 101 psychology calm-down tactic (Hey, we’re making progress. He’s had training!) Then he said that he would be in touch with me when he had any information.

Since accountability is my mission, I asked him, “When can I expect an update from you?”

“I should be able to get something to you by early next week.”

And here we are.

It’s early next week. For another day and a half. The way I see it, I should hear from Skye before Wednesday at noon (MST of course). If I don’t, it will be one more let down from Health Net. One more failure to add to the list. One more thing to talk about with on my call with Larry Wong, VP of Customer Service, assuming it’s not cancelled at the lat minute.

Want a little more? I called the Mayo Clinic to make sure they knew that I didn’t flake out on them. They said they hadn’t heard from Health Net. At least there wasn’t a note on my account about it. I kindly asked them for another 45-day extension on my account. They obliged.

What do you think, will I hear from Skye before Wednesday at noon?

UPDATE! — I didn’t hear back from Skye before time was up so I gave him a call. Here’s what happened.

Skye answered my call and proceeded to inform me that my case will now be exclusively handled by Larry Wong, VP of Client Services. He had no updates for me and when I asked, “Why is Larry taking over my case after both Larry and you told me explicitly that I should exclusively work with you, Skye, on my case?”

He stumbled for words for a while and eventually came around to, “Because it just makes sense.”


Looks like the agenda for my call with Larry just got a bit longer.

Breathe in…breathe out…

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