Finally on the Road


Firstly I would like to take this time to apologise for not writing in a while. A lot has been going through my head with the build up to this trip. It’s been exciting but also I’ve felt very anxious and nervous about the decisions I’ve made. Sure it seems like a dream come true to travel the world by a motorcycle, but in this process, I don’t own a home, I’ve quit my job, got no relationship or children. So there has been sacrifices to get to the start line.

Well… I’ve finally started. I’m a week into the trip and thought it would be a great opportunity to speak to you all from the rather cold city of Warsaw. This past week has seen me travel from England through France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic and into Poland. That’s quite a lot of countries, but the beauty of travelling Europe is you really can cover a lot of countries in short space of time.

The first night I was hosted by a guy called Kim in Belgium. His friend Joris reached out to me while I was still in Dover which was great. The power of social media. I met both of these guys that first night. I was fed and given a safa for the night. We drank beer and talked bikes most of the night which was real cool. So thank you guys if you’re reading this. It was a great start to the trip.

Kim and Joris. Great guys!

Heading into Germany the following day I decided to meet up with a friend from home. Jamie is a guy that I climb with and he too is on a solo bike trip. He has spent a few weeks on the road around Europe and has a couple more to go. We met up and spent about five days together making our way through some incredible back roads towards southern Poland. We had a great time. Ate some very tasty food and drank some Polish beer.

Fantastic riding in Southern Poland.

I’m now on my own slowly making my way to the Russian border. I’m starting to relax a lot more now. Taking a quieter approach to reach my goal. I don’t want to plan too far ahead and feel like I’ve not experienced anything. To be honest with you, I don’t really know what I’m looking for. I just want the trip to unfold and let it suck me in. I’ve only got one opportunity to make this trip a success and I don’t want to force it into an unnatural direction.

So far the people I’ve met have been great and very supportive. Always wanting to help me or speak about the bike. She (my bike) has had so much attention from the locals. When she’s all loaded up heading off down the road it’s obvious I’m going somewhere and people want to know where. I’m always more than happy to stand on the street and talk. This is what I wanted. Meet people and explore.

The plan now is to slowly head north after a day exploring Warsaw. I will pick up a new speedo cable on route as mine broke a few days ago. I reckon I will be at the border for Russia sometime next week which is real exciting to be honest with you. Can’t wait.

Please keep up with the great support you’re giving me. I read all the messages and comments and do try to reply to all of them. Sometimes there’s a lot. All the help I’ve received is greatly appreciated. Take care and I shall write again soon with more updates on the trip.

In the meantime I shall leave you with this link to my first Vlog. It’s a bit longer than I hoped for and I’m sorry it’s not that exciting. I will try to make my videos more interesting as the trip unfolds.

Take care.

Aaron and Penny.

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April 19, 2016 Aaron Mitchell