It’s amazing how in one day we can start by being moody and feeling so lonely that you think nothing will work out for you and then something changes. You start focusing on the color, the feeling and your surrounding and it’s like you have started from the first page all over again.

I can honestly say I haven’t been the person I know I could be, and most importantly I’ve let my self down throughout my entire life, always feeling like I’m a loser in a world of winners is complicated and probably it’s the most depressing thing about the world today. You can ignore everything I’ve said because you’ve never felt the way I do, or probably you’ve been in worst situations but let me tell you something I just discovered: we all have a purpose in life. Probably not the kind in which you decide that you will be a teacher or a designer, but if you really think about it the only thing we look for the most is happiness.

Think about it and just digest all of the stuff I’m writing. We are human beings, yes we confront rules, depression and barriers but that’s not what define us, what defines us is how we choose to live, in a world where step by step is trying to makes us think that life is about waking up, going to work, paying your bills and in the end we die but it is so much more than that.

Try to remember the last time you felt warm, nice and beautiful (in an emotional way), isn’t it great? But how do we go back to feeling like that? I can honestly tell you that no one will ever know, and that is because we are different. So the truth is that YOU are the only person who can discover and work towards being a different person, a happier person.

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