A New Morning Routine

I really should have been doing this all along

Moving has offered me the same opportunity that college students often seize upon arrival at university, the chance for reinvention.

I’m still a goofy white guy. I’m still podcasting and selling software. But, now I’m someone with a consistent morning routine. A man of discipline. I’ve also decided I’m a writer.

I have a book to write. It’s been bouncing around in my skull for months. And I’ve decided I will either finish it this year or die. There is no alternative.

With these stakes, building a morning routine is of the utmost importance. Every facet is geared to optimize for output.

  1. Workout: Push-ups, planks, crunches and burpees. No equipment right now.
  2. Read 30 pages: Kerouac, Buffett, and David Allen these days.
  3. 10 minute meditation: Sometimes walking. Sometimes sitting cross-legged on the floor.
  4. Coffee
  5. Write 1,000 words: Here on Medium or for the book.

Throughout my 25 years, the common thread tied between the times I’ve found success is an unwavering resolve to work. Diligence in the face of uncertainty is a value that I’ve learned from my parents and hope to one day pass along as well.

This routine serves as the bedrock of forthcoming production.

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