You Are Hiking

The pursuit of a goal, be it professional or personal, can be all-consuming. It is very easy to put on blinders and hone in on a single outcome defining personal success or total failure.

There is nothing wrong with an earnest campaign.

But remember, you are not simply following some predetermined course that Google Maps dictated to you. You are hiking.

On the trail, hikers have a distinct end goal in mind. Get to shelter. Trek twelve miles today. Complete the journey.

They will certainly come across segments of the trail that require all-consuming focus and perseverance. The crossing of a some uneven terrain, or climbing a 20 degree grade for two miles.

There is a lot less talking and joking going on between a party of hikers when they meet these obstacles, as each person turns inward for their core motivations and base instincts.

However, the hiker also takes breaks to sit on the side of the trail and take in nature’s beauty. They know they should drink in these views that will be unattainable just a mile down the trail. The hiker knows that these images will be burned into their memory and just like the pain and determination that was required to climb the peak.

The same truth applies to every step of your personal journey.

There is beauty in the furrowed brow of your colleague next door, the late night, slightly misspelled email outlining a new idea, the taste of the coffee propelling you into motion, and even the familiar face of the parking lot shuttle driver.

No matter what goal you are pursuing, no matter how well you’ve laid your plans, always be on the lookout for the grand view waiting for you to stop and look up. Every step of the trail offers an unnoticed spectacle waiting to be appreciated. Being present in such moments will fill you with a renewed energy that will propel you forward with an incomparable vigor.

Happy trails,


*This post originally appeared on my personal blog where I also post podcast episodes.

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