12 Key Lessons from the Latest Workplace Research

In the last couple weeks, rock star academics Barry Schwartz and Adam Grant have outlined a new vision for work in op-eds published in the New York Times. It is a humanized vision that is not utopic, but grounded in research about what actually drives each of us to do great work.

This research builds on a growing body of new knowledge about how we need to change our approach to our careers and to how we build organizations. We are entering the golden era of work, driven by research that confirms that the ideal employee is human and not robotic (the unfortunate legacy of the industrial age).

We distilled the lessons from the top researchers into to twelve key shifts in our approach to talent. It is a cheat sheet for employees and leaders to intentionally approach work effectively going forward.

Making these changes will not only radically increase the success of your organization but increase the wellbeing of your people. It is already happening in pockets of the workforce but it is time to make this the new norm. We need to re imagine work and set a higher bar.

Spark the Change

You have a lot more influence in the world than you think. Share these changes with your colleagues and get the conversation going about how your organization can thrive. Show your support — spark the change.

@PurposeEconomy author. CEO of @Imperative. Frequent speaker & writer. Founder of @TaprootFound & @UMich grad.

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