❤️ You are one of my favorite humans on this planet. You are awesome. Thank you!

like a fractal
of passionate

your layers
spread open
like a pea

you’re all
endless feathers
and sacred

a bruise
an eye

you blink, you contract…

the firings of orgasmic rigor
mortis, or the random ting
of a vaguely sharp itch
knocks thrice upon
your door

a fugue desperation un locked from the sub conscious flow…



p ho

Man i

acal glisten

in the rubbery

gongs of your ass

to slap and


let the firings

pine softly across

my open palm

pinkly accolades

I roll your rolls


into ganesha slit

hers and a tender

little noodle of bone

less knees to let

the worship happen

and a’happen sum

more. Damn.

Girl, a…

Aaron Quist

Poet. Reach out: aaronsweetjane@gmail.com

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