Having a Realistic Dream is not Easy

Remember those mornings when we tell ourselves about what we want to achieve? Everyday people write things they want, believe that one day they would acquire it, and they work hard for it. Some people make it and get what they want. But what is after that? Nobody talks about what happens after that?

I always wanted a job that pays me more, but now when I have it why am I not satisfied? Every next morning I wake up and I think what should I tell myself? What if one day we reach to that place called as dreams come true and then we feel like No it is not what we thought it would be.

Is having a realistic, achievable ambition a bad idea?

Well, I think it’s a bad idea. People dream of high paying jobs, bigger house, worthy partner. When we get what we dreamed of what should we be looking for next? I know my article is full of questions but I think we all have it somewhere inside us.

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