A Sliver of Winter

I woke up today morning to a tiny squirrel incessantly tapping on my window, willing me to wake up and behold the beauty outside. The same scene as everyday greeted me when I peeped out; a slight breeze swaying the neem tree, a couple of birds playing on my brick wall, the slowly rising sun, the bobbing heads of the newly bloomed bougainvillea, the sweeper raking the fallen leaves from my street.

But as I blinked and opened my eyes again, the seemingly black and white scene in front of me burst with color and life. The breeze touched and caressed every branch, every leaf of the neem tree making it dance to its own cheery rhythm. With its intoxicating touch on my upheld face, it invited me to ride and celebrate the world with it.

The birds chirped and frolicked on my brick wall, filling the morning with their sweet songs. They quizzically looked at me, wondering what was holding me back, and I was sorely tempted to burst into joyous melodies with them.

The slanting rays of the sun, fighting through the leaves of the trees, triumphantly reached down and kissed my face. They shone on everything and the world suddenly blindingly lit up, like a mother’s smile when she lovingly looks at her child.

The bougainvillea had acquired a wondrous pink color under the sunlight, the kind that cannot be described by the regular spectrum of colors. They swayed with full grace and gusto, as if they knew how mesmerizing and appealing they looked.

The sweeper, meticulously raking with his gloved hands, whistled cheerily from lips barely seen between his thick shawl and dense mustache. There was a bounce to his step, and as he saw me looking at him he jauntily waved at me. I knew that he was as amazed by the beauty surrounding us as I was, and the same breathless happiness engulfed both of us in that moment. We were one with nature, jointly welcoming the beautiful winter day.