How to Create An Impact Everyday

Today I measure my day’s worth according to the impact I create on that day. But this wasn’t always the case.

There was a time when I felt irritated with the normal course of life.

I decided to mold my life according to how I really wanted it to be and along the way I learnt some important lessons.

Do something that makes a difference:

This point isn't discussed enough.

It’s important to work on something that you think will create a difference. If you you don’t have time, don’t work on it full time. But work on it.

Say you are working at a regular job but you feel that learning and imparting disaster management knowledge is the need of the hour. Take a step in that direction. Join organizations that are involved in this process. Take evening classes. Share what you know on a blog or at events with your community. When you feel that what you are doing is making a difference, or when you see it making that difference, you will feel awesome.

Teach and share what you know:

I do this unknowingly. When I meet friends for a coffee I share what I know. Sometimes we have long conversations and I take time to discuss things. I didn't know this until a while ago, but I was actually impacting decisions with my knowledge. It’s humbling to know that I inspire some of my friends. This knowledge takes me though my worst days and keeps me going.

Genuinely care about people:

Remember that in order to do the point above you have to actually, genuinely care about people. I talk to people I work with, individuals in startups I consult, or just to people I know, about what it is that they are doing and how they are best doing it. People like it when you take out time for them. They appreciate it. I will never forget the people who took out the same time for me. They’ve impacted me in ways they cannot even imagine.

Even if you don’t know much about what someone is working on, talk to them about it. You might learn something in return. And that makes that person’s day and yours.

I also feel that its important to work on problems that really matter. If you are a startup, have a strong reason for starting up.

Create something that impacts your community. Else, and many will disagree with me, don’t create it. Unless you are passionate about it, in which case you will feel like you are creating an impact. We have enough apps and websites for random things but not enough for genuine problems that people face. I’ve decided to work on issues that are clearly impacting the community. It helps me feel like my time here on earth is worthwhile.