An open letter to the 99 percent

We will take care of each other and this is how

For the past few years we have been constantly concerned with the social inequality we all suffer from, with poor access to education, health care, and other human necessities

We believe that every single person on this planet should have access to enough resources to live a dignified life, to have enough access to education and health care, and to live in freedom from want and freedom from fear. Unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in.

We live in a world where most people don’t have access to their basic human needs, mostly because of money. The absence of money can stop students from pursuing their educational dreams or others from getting the healthcare they deserve, etc.

I would bet that everyone reading this text including you knows a story of someone –or even himself- that at some point in life was in need of financial support …but couldn’t get it.

Do you know what makes it even worse? Money is out there! Going through the process of applying and receiving financial aid is a long and hectic one. Moreover money and time in many cases are unwisely invested, due to rigid frameworks, harsh bureaucratic procedure or even because of politics.

The world we live in

We live in a world were 12,000 children die every day from preventable diseases, more than half of the population of this planet lives on less than $10, a day and the global annual expenditure on nuclear weapons is estimated at $105 billion, that means $12 million an hour!

The world we live in

There is a way out

Eventually something is very wrong here BUT we are crazy enough to challenge the status quo and bring enough money under the control and decision of the people. We want to bring billions of dollars every month to the hands of the people who want to financially support their beloved family, friends, community, their cause or even themselves.

We want to give people billions of dollars every month to spend on education, health care, community projects…etc

For this, we are currently building “Aazer” the first online cooperative platform that brings people globally in solidarity with each other.

Uniquely Aazer will generate a sustainable budget every month that is accessible to the members of the Aazer platform so that they can financially support their causes, beloved family members, friends, community or even themselves.

The Aazer platform will also facilitate a democratic decision making process among the members to collectively decide on how to distribute every month’s budget.

This is how it works

It’s simple, when joining the Aazer platform, everyone drops a monthly donation anywhere from 1 to 25$. This will be the platform’s sustainable fund for non-profit solidarity actions. The solidarity actions are proposed by all members of Aazer.

Then in a voting process that happens each month, all the members of Aazer vote how to distribute the fund based on most needed solidarity actions.

Money is then distributed to top voted solidarity actions until all the money available this month is used.


When we stand together, we will transform not only our lives but also the lives of the people we care about, and we are starting NOW. We are currently bringing people together and building our members database:

  1. Write your info in the “COUNT ME IN” form: We are eager to get your thoughts on Aazer and get in touch with you personally to tell you other details about our next big step. Don’t worry; we won’t shower you with unnecessarily emails. Our updates will be short and very specific. You will receive 1 or 2 emails from Aazer every month.
  2. When we speak together we can make change happen. You can join Aazer’s online flash mob campaigns and together we will blast Aazer’s message online all at the same time. We are reaching out to you and another 149 supporters. To give Aazer a voice check on “I want to join the online flash mob team”

If you think the idea can make a difference, join us and share the post among your friends.

If you have any questions or thoughts, don’t hesitate to share it with us. Post them down or simply Contact us. We will be glad to get in touch with you.