Everyday Life was born out of frustration.

When co-founder and CEO Jake Tamarkin went to buy life insurance for himself, he was disappointed in how hard it was to get the right coverage for his family. “I thought I could use my deep background in financial services to improve the life insurance value proposition for everyday people,” he said.

Everyday Life is decidedly “not your dad’s life insurance”: using proprietary technology to make sophisticated needs assessment accessible to everyday people and offering Predictive ProtectionTM — coverage that saves people money by automatically adjusting based on predictable life events. …

“It’s kind of like a dating app for entrepreneurs and investors,” is a real thing that’s come out of my mouth. “Except… way better.”

In the world of entrepreneurship, talk of a “perfect match” investor is usually met with a healthy dose of skepticism (fair!)

But Abaca (an app powered by Village Capital) isn’t just about making connections. It’s about unmixing the mixed signals that lead to missed opportunities. It’s about helping early-stage entrepreneurs understand their investment readiness level, speak the same language as investors, and make connections with them.

It’s like a dating app…kind of. But it also gets…

Cutting through the noise to find startups that match your criteria and values takes time. And let’s be honest, no one enjoys sending rejections — especially not to promising companies that may just be too early for your investment.

As an investor, you know tech is rapidly changing nearly every sector, but there still isn’t a solution available to add more hours to the day. Even if such a magical solution cropped up (and you were able to invest in it), would you really want to spend any more time wading through your inbox?

The average venture capital firm reviews…


Abaca helps startups benchmark their progress, speak investors’ language, and get connected with funding and resources. A product by Village Capital.

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