Something I’ve noticed about life is regardless of action or thought good & bad are inevitable.

Here’s a scenario, if I went to a witch to see my future can I ultimately change it? If she said to me I would die in my sleep

Would most people try not to sleep? Two options I could sleep while not letting it faze me or I could resist sleep. If I resist sleep & die from sleep deprivation I created my own demise… If I sleep & die randomly I couldn’t do nothing to change it. So I choose to live unbothered; Not the not giving a fuck about anything mindset. Just to appreciate what my ultimate goal is. On the left is the no sleep method, on the right is to sleep regardless… In the middle is death. My ending is the same, so why should I be bothered by the unchangeable?

Instead I cherish what I have while passionate about what I don’t… Few things are guaranteed in this world such as pain, joy, death & regret. Some say we inherit the earth from the people before, some think we barrow it from the generation after. Besides the change in civilization, technology & social construct what makes generations different? Is it the time & atmosphere? Is it the values of that time? Or is it how they live?

Would living unbothered force people to value their time more & live with a sense of reasoning & a better moral compass? I choose to believe so… If a man/women lives their life knowing they will die in their sleep logically they should LIVE a higher quality of life. Different values & perspective would humble for what I believe a average life should be to contribute to the passing of your time. Your time is valuable, to not only you. The connections, lessons & even simple conversation of your tree branch of networking can go alot farther if it’s to better everyone who meets you. Living unbothered is realizing me & you reading this have the same end. So are middle should be to benefit us mutually while helping the world or the people we can in our time.

The woman/man who tried to resist sleep is the person who clogs the progress of humans. They are fighting something they can not change instead of fighting for things they can improve or better. Being unbothered is accepting the end but making the plot better… That plot is different for everyone.

For example; A trash-mans job is as necessary as a farmers… One feeds the other cleans what’s fed. To demoralize someone because of how minuscule their life task is isn’t how to maximize yours… Some look down on those who have different paths to walk. The one who walks in fire envies the mud, mud envies the gravel, but the gravel envies the sand, sand envies the grass etc….

What the people who walk all focus on isn’t the journey it’s their circumstances… To simply think we all walk & that’s what’s in common isn’t a natural thought to most. Although I understand everyone has different obstacles & things blocking them the people can all learn how to handle them because they all face it but they believe they don’t live the same life because of what they walk on. A unbothered mindset takes the focus from what I’m walking on into where I’m walking to or how I’ll start running.

Good & bad are inevitable…. Some wish to live in a world without bad, which would negate the good. As fucked up as it is you can’t have a Malcolm X without a hitler… No cold nights without warm days, no joy without sarrow, no happiness without pain. Love is something that balances both. Depending on the circumstances it’s intensely good or painfully bad. To love unbothered is to trust your partner who can stab you….will not. You give your security clearance key to someone. There is always a possibility of a bad turn but to overshadow & overthink (bothered mindset) can cause the love to burn painfully not passionately. Like the witch example if I’m scared to put my barrier down I might of just blocked the best love of my life; Which means you caused your loves death. (1/3 of a unbothered mindset is knowing what you’re bothered by & adapting to change the ones you need to switch your stance on)

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