#Firefighters and the #Grace of God

Around 30 years ago, my family had an experience that I will never forget. My husband was helping a friend fix an old Pontiac Firebird in our garage. We had a small cape in the country and the garage was under the house. My husband, Brian asked his friend to keep watch as he welded in the garage. Apparently, he wasn’t very good at watching. A few minutes into the weld, he tapped Brian on the shoulder to tell him that something caught fire, but it was to late for the tragedy ahead.

I was upstairs watching television and had no idea what was happening. Brian was frantically trying to remove the tanks from the house and he called to me to call the fire department. I called them and thought they hung up on me because I didn’t realize how much the fire had already consumed (wires). My children were sleeping in their bedrooms. Unknown to me, the fire had crept thru the garage ceiling and up through my children’s closet. A close friend was staying with us and he saw smoke in my kids room. He ran into the room. He could not see my children, but grabbed them from their beds to rescue them. Tony, my kids and myself then went across the street to use the neighbors phone.

Meanwhile my husband is trying to get out the 2nd tank. I heard an explosion from across the street. The gas tank in the Firebird blew and through Brian from the garage. He still got up and went back into the house to find us. Brian told me that he got lost up there because the smoke was blinding him. He crawled to a door and screamed for us. We heard him across the street and told him we were safe. The fire department came immediately, but thank God we all got out. I had a puppy who lost his life in the fire. The fireman said that the puppy was not burned but probably fell asleep from the smoke.

We had recently lost our homeowners insurance and were on the 7th day of grace with our policy and so we were able to receive benefits. It was a very scary night, but thanks to God and our firefighters all was not lost.

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