What to do with Trolls?

At a conference about the future of blogging in Iran, I talked about the value of content and how we can use more professional contents in Iranian blogs for example for increasing shopping rate and attracting more user and the need of this kind of contents in the Persian language.

Also, I asked Mr. Abbas Abdi, the researcher, the reformist and social activist in Iran “what we should do with Trolls of the Internet and their rude comments?” and 
He told me: “Actually, They are terrorists and don’t have any identity because they don’t accept any responsibility for what they say and just terror your character behind their phones and computers. To solve this problem there is one way, Don’t care for them and continue doing what you believe.” ‌ ‌

For a while, I felt depression and I feared to write anything. As you know, It’s too hard to make everybody satisfied with you. Now I decide to do what I believe with more enthusiasm.

So after a lot of researches and hard works, I am on the way to focus on Electronic commerce, Online marketing, E-book market and opportunities for IT work in Iran for the next 2 years.
It should be mentioned that I continue my Free Walking tours in Tehran

If you have any idea to work or just a friendly meeting I’ll accept friendly.