A floating object (TOYO ITO)

Toyo Ito is a Successful Japanese Architect known for creating conceptual architecture, in which he seeks to simultaneously express the physical and virtual worlds. He is known for his unique designs to make as floating architecture. I used and gathered ideas of floating buildings and see hollow seaweed like columns from Toyo Ito and implemented them into my 5 iterations. Toyo Ito was inspired by natural tree branches overlapping each other to create a standing structure. He designs the Sendai mediathique using the idea of a floating structure with branch like columns to structure the building yet create a floating effect.

Dr Chau Chak Wing Building- Chosen building around UTS.
Sendai Mediatheque overall

This image (Figure 1)was created using foam boards as levels in the building with a unique circular shape. I implemented ideas from Toyo Ito to relate the building with a hollow column travelling through all levels which creates a floating effect. The 3 level building has two mini supporting columns, however the wooden sticks travelling unevenly across each other represent the idea from Ito to have see through column. This iteration was the closest concept to my final design as I used a similar structure with the stick columns and curved paper cutting to play a role as another column on the bottom floor. I tried to recreate my own version of the Dr Chau Chak wing building by designing it to appear as floating architecture. The front of the building is not supported by any columns which creates a floating effect. I applied tracing paper with clear plastic sheeting on the front of the structure with unique triangular shapes which are inspired from my Toyo Ito’s design (Figure 3). I inserted a The second level has a scaled human figure and a lever that has a rotating level which Inspired me to use Ito's Ideas implemented with mechanics to create a moving and floating level.

TOD’S Building- Toyo Ito (Figure 3)

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