Want to kill this parenting thing? Fool your your kids!

My daughter brought her end of the year book home that had questions about her family. At a glance I found out that I am killing this mom thing! What was it that solidified my parenting genius? 
“What she likes to do in her free time…exercise.”

My daughter answered the question with Exercise! I’ve got her fooled!

She doesn’t know me at all, I HATE exercising. When we say “exercising” in my house we mean the typical push-ups, sit-ups, squats, burpees, etc. I hate them. Hate as in I would rather be punched in the face type of hate. So why is her lack of knowledge about me a mom win? I want her to think exercising is fun and healthy so, I exercise several times a week with her or in front of her and the whole time I’m happy. She sees me tired and sweaty. She sees me sometimes grunting through the hard work but never complaining. I never sigh and say, “uh, I have to workout”. I never complain while I’m doing it. I workout with the best possible attitude because I hate it so much! I will do anything to help her not hate it.

I bring this up, because often in life we adults forget that the kids are watching and listening. When we complain they hear it. They hear it and often learn to feel the same way.

I don’t want my children to think life is all sunshine and roses, it’s far from. They have to learn disappointment and hardships. But I vow to never let them learn negativity from me. They won’t grow to hate Monday mornings because every Sunday I mope and complain about the upcoming day. They won’t learn to be afraid of severe storms because I fear Tornados. They won’t hate pees…ok, I’ll be honest, I may have passed on my pure disdain for even the smell of pees. I digress. They won’t learn to hate exercise simply because I do. Fake it until you make it parents. Don’t do it for yourself. Do it for them. So I encourage you to audit yourself. Are you teaching them your fears, hatred and unhappiness? What can you do to make them love something you hate? What can you do to make them confident in something you fear? How do you need to audit yourself to not pass on negativity?

Sometimes, it’s not the education we provide, the experiences they have or the home they live in; it’s simply the example they see.