Blustery Days

We have been having some insane weather again here in Portland;
seriously crazy winds and oh the rain! 
When you hear there’s a tornado only 80 miles away,
you know these are bona fide Blustery days!

My solution of course is to hunker down with a nice cup of coffee,
and you guessed it, curl up with a good book.

There is a beauty to the sights and sound of rain, and a
magic that is there if we wait for it.

Allow yourself to really hear the howling winds, and whooshing leaves. 
We are surrounded by strong powerful forces.

Take your own sweeping breath of strength, and embrace it.

Sure it can be dangerous and it can make you sad and soggy. But now, what better excuse for a hot cup of your favorite steamy drink, and a cozy sweater or blanket to melt the brittleness away.

The beauty is in the opportunity to appreciate our conveniences,
and to embrace an opportunity to slow down.

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