WISO: Christmas Spirit

This year I decided to stray from a few of my favorite Christmas reads and read some new books. I’ve had quite a number of them piling up in my tbr list and new ones pop up every year.

Here’s What I’ve Been Sipping on:

Last week I stumbled across this book; a compilation of 3 short intertwined stories written by 3 popular author’s. The stories were well written and I liked how the stories intertwined. However, it was not necessarily my style book; it was too focused on teenage romance for my taste. Contemporary fiction (especially romance) is probably my least favorite genre, but still it was entertaining enough, and a quick read.

“I may have been a complete lunatic, but I was a complete lunatic with manners.
― Maureen Johnson

Rated 4.4 on amazon.com

Book Bean: Peppermint Mocha — No Whip
One of my two go to favorite drinks this time of year

I am now reading “The Christmas Sweater”
by Glenn Beck.
I started reading a sample and decide to keep with it. So far it is very well written and has a very intriguing beginning. I am looking forward to seeing how it unfolds.

“You can either complain about how hard your life is, or you can realize that only you are responsible for it.”
― Glenn Beck

Rated 4.5 on amazon.com

Book Bean: Eggnog Latte/Cocoa — Extra spice ;)
The second of my holiday favorites, been drinking
a lot of these!

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