A Step-By-Step Procedure of Polishing Billet Grilles

Personalizing the vehicle is the best way about owning it. Including customized features to your car is a promising way to make it stand apart and flaunt your own style. In note to it, grille, being noted as the face of a vehicle, is the most preferred place of customization for the auto enthusiasts. Since, the auto accessories market is flooded with a range of varied options; you are privileged with the choice of picking the best one from a collection of effective options that comes with distinctive features and utility.

Auto Grille Pros

Out of the numerous options, Billet grilles come with their own charm that no other can beat. These stylish add-ons are considered as the perfect way of making the car noticed that truly makes the passers-by turn their heads. These come in a range of options, be it in terms of colors, style, materials and brand.

However, with the passage of time, these lost their shine and beauty and might need polishing. Following here are some steps which help you to bring back the shine of your billet grill.

Cleaning the Grill

The first step for polishing the grille is cleaning. The grilles need to be cleaned properly to drive away the dirt, grease and debris from the surface, thereby making sure that no contaminate is left behind. Hot foamy water can be used for the initial cleaning process. After it is being rinsed, make sure it is properly dried up.


Noted as the most significant step for offering a great shine to the grill, this process starts by using wet sand and wet sandpaper. Apply wet sand to the grill without putting much pressure to the surface of the grill, thereby making sure that everything is being covered evenly. It might leave some visible scratches in the aluminum surface but, with the gradual course they will get cleared off. After it the wet sandpaper is used to make the surface shinier and smoother. After the process of sanding, the grill will be washed off with hot soapy water, thereby drying and wiping it down with a degreaser.


Now, the time has come to bring back the shine to the grill. Use aluminum polish and apply it over the grill evenly. After applying polish, you can start polishing with the help of a buffing tool, which should be continued till the time the polish turns black. After the grill is completely polished and turned black, wipe it by using a fiber towel to take out the excess aluminum polish.
The proper polishing process surely brings a stunning look to your billet grilles, thereby restoring its beauty. However, before doing it, make sure that you are equipped with the necessary equipment and have the right knowledge and skills to execute the process in a proper manner.

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