Top 4 must-watch movies for every business woman

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Stories are one of the easiest ways to learn something. This stands true even in adulthood. As a woman in business, the innumerable challenges can easily become overwhelming. Sometimes, all you need is a boost in your motivation. A good story will come in handy.

But as an entrepreneur, there is barely time for anything. Almost every minute of your day and a good chunk of your night is taken. If you are a startup, time is a scarce resource that must be well spent. But despite the fact that you are short of time, you will encounter times when your very core is tested. That moment when you feel stuck, in a dilemma and you are not sure what the way forward should be.

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At that moment, the boost that you may need is a movie about a successful woman entrepreneur. This is precisely what we look at in this article. Here are top 4 movies that every business woman should watch:

1. Joy

The main character in this movie is none another than Jennifer Lawrence. In “Joy”, she is a young, single mother with two children. After being fired from her airport job, she ends up broke and has to move back with her mother. Her grandmother had believed in her as a child and told her how great she would become. As an adult, she was far from it.

One day, in a moment of epiphany, she realizes that a “miracle mop” could be her avenue out of her broke, discouraged state. With a loan from her dad’s rich girlfriend, she started to bring her idea to life, building a great business that changed her entire life.

2. Waitress

In this movie, Keri Russell is a young miserable woman. Her violent husband only makes things worse. The only thing that makes her sort of happy is making her pies which are strategically named, “I Hate my Husband”. Her recipe is simple. Take bittersweet chocolate, don’t sweeten it. Make it into a pudding and drown it in caramel.

After an affair with her obstetrician, she gets some cash from a patron at the restaurant where she made her pies. This is when she leaves to go and build a business out of on what she knows best — making pies.

doing what you know best

3. Sunshine Cleaning

Amy Adams plays a struggling mom who works as a maid. She hooks up from time to time with her high school boyfriend who is now married. Faced with her son’s imminent expulsion from school, the entrepreneurial spirit in her is stirred. She begins a very unusual venture, a biohazard removal, and crime scene clean up service, with her sister’s help. Her dad lends her some money. Amy eventually succeeds amidst fits and starts.

4. Equity

Of all the above-discussed movies, this is one of the movies that you may want to watch in a theater. Unlike other conventional movies, Equity’s focus is on Wall Street, from the perspective of women who call the shots.

Anna Gunn plays a high profile woman on Wall Street. She is a banker whose career hangs on how successful she is at launching a tech IPO after a financial crisis period. At the same time, a ruthless prosecutor is hunting her down. The movie focuses on how women manage dynamics in male-dominated industries, in this case, finance.

All in all

Stories inspire and challenge. Watching the above-discussed movies could be the difference between making a decision that will change your company forever, or lead to its demise.

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