Girls Love Toast: An Ode to Poached Eggs & Avocado Toast

Life is full of little luxuries and giant frustrations. At least the acknowledgement of life’s little luxuries is how I justify permitting myself simple pleasures all the time. Most of the time it’s within reason (sometimes it’s not). One simple pleasure and little luxury is my avocado toast each morning. This morning ritual brings order to an otherwise chaotic world. This is the story of making visible and appreciating the beauty in the insignificant moments that make up our life.

Good morning. How are you? I say, “Namaste” as I complete my morning yoga. I complete the mundane. Shower. Style hair. Apply makeup. Get dressed. Cook breakfast.

Little Luxury #1 : Mise en Place

Each ingredient has its place with its proper order for all of it to end with a beautiful breakfast. The dance and buzzes of the breakfast is like dancing with a familiar partner (and a great lead) who makes each movement and glide across the kitchen a synchronous series that appears effortless to an observer and it’s only the dancer who knows how much sweat and work went into perfecting the routine.

Prepare hot water, fresh ground coffee, fresh pasture-raises eggs, avocado, Paleo-friendly bacon (meaning no sugar), Frank’s hot sauce and Udi’s gluten-free bread.

Let’s begin…

Little Luxury #2: You are what you eat (at least that’s what my mama said)

For those who know me, I have a love affair with delicious food and fresh ingredients. I’d like to say it’s been a long and passionate affair. In reality it began less than 10 years ago. I find tremendous joy in a perfectly ripe avocado and incredibly fresh eggs each and every time without exception.

A prefect avocado encompasses so much. Timeliness, making sure to get the right amount of ripeness to when you’re going to cut it. A richness to the flavor and color. A color so beautiful it reminds who that mother nature really does know best when it comes to beauty. And finally a perfectly nutritious ingredient that both nourishes and satiates the beast of hunger.

The egg. She’s the star. The beauty. The celebrity of the meal whose backdrop is the perfect avocado. She oozes sensuality when cooked to perfection. A representation of a strong outer egg white that’s perfectly molded and whipped around a soft nutritious yolk. She’s elusive, decadent even to the point of sinful for ridiculously easy she is to prepare, yet has a reputation for being demanding and temperamental. It’s why when the timer dings after 5 mins she’s carefully lifted from the water, gently dabbed with paper towel, and gingerly placed on top of avocado which has been neatly stacked on top of the toast you must pause.

Little Luxury #3: The beautiful in the mundane

There’s pause a reflection. A perfect, yet dynamic stack of toast, butter, bacon, avocado, poached egg.

It’s time to complete the masterpiece. The final flavors that’s an exceptional compliment, salt, pepper, and Frank’s hot sauce. It’s this moment that I anticipate every morning. Beginning my day with a sense of accomplishment, the beauty of the moment, and the appreciation of the meal. I splatter like an abstract painter across my work of art, my harmonious stack.

Great art is never finished only abandoned. -Pablo Picasso

This is where I abandon my art.

My abandoned art…

All the ingredients get put away. The timer buzzes telling me my coffee is done and now it’s time to eat. I enjoy each bite like it is the better than the previous one. I clean my plate and put in the dishwasher.

Now I can begin my day…

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