A prose for cheer (sastina)

What creates a smile?What makes a cheer?

Only the finest of treasures, simple and pure one might hope to possess.

What can one find on such a search but hope.

Caution must be taken, as often things pure and simple are fragile.

Those with delicate hands and delicate hearts are the only who can dictate.

Those with harsh hands and calloused hearts can only decimate.

Rancid creatures reign in cannon fire to decimate.

Who but you and I can lead against them in cheer.

True strength in one can earn power, and all must follow those who dictate.

In earnest I search for those who can possess.

They have strength and candour that can lift the fragile.

The heart is what we fight for and in that we find hope.

When one is lost we cannot find hope.

Instead our vitality and heart weaken and we seek to decimate.

Things we have worked hard to build within ourselves lay fragile.

How can we endeavor to rebuild our hearts? We must cheer!

Our companions know strength, know the heart, know love, they can share what they possess.

The sensation of a deadening soul cannot be allowed to dictate.

Written words we swore to never share with the world we must dictate.

In spoken words we may share similarities in which we find hope.

We all share common thoughts, our feelings behind these thoughts are what we possess.

In our minds we also share disparities that come infinitely to decimate.

Let us be rid of these thoughts, so that we may have courage and strength to cheer!

With struggle and strife we become inure, let us forget how it was to be fragile.

Together we have fought and discovered, you are not fragile.

Let the source of who you are prevail, let it dictate.

With the anothers hand on our heart we find hope.

Let us praise the good in each other and let follies decimate.

With helping hands we have learned what is good to possess.

Valor and honor are in our thoughts, with love to coat our hearts, this is what we possess.

Do not be fooled, we may love but we are not fragile.

We dare attempts to decimate.

Be forewarned because we have fought and wicked minds cannot dictate.

All are wholeheartedly welcome for those who seek hope.

For you we will also cheer!

Let us cheer for the kind strength we possess.

Remember to hope, know it does not make you fragile.

Do not be afraid to dictate when others try to decimate.

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