What afternoon me wants to tell morning me about that Skype interview we just finished

AQUA singer Lene Nystrøm probably said it best; ‘If only I could turn back time’. Especially when it comes to interviews, meetings, applications I find it quite common to look back & say: If only I could do that better! So after recently completely my first ever Skype interview, here are some tips. They are ultimately too late for my morning self, but I hope you will be able to get something out of them.

Why you shouldn’t be afraid:

  • This is not the first time you have used Skype (or even the second) so you needn’t worry about not being fluent in this particular medium. Further more, those times you read other ‘How to ace your Skype interview’ articles will help to at least familiarise yourself with how things will run.
  • Your house is perfectly fine for a Skype interview. While there are certain pockets of your house that are dirtier than others, all you need is a place with a clear background & access to good lighting (it should be in front of you & not behind you). Just allocate about 30 minutes to an hour to decide on & tidy up a particular location.
  • You don’t look too bad! Because you recently got a haircut, it is much easier to hide ‘just got out of bed hair’. You also completed an internship at a personal branding company & to quote your manager; ‘We haven’t had any dress complaints yet!’. Make sure you have an appropriate shirt ironed & ready to go. You may not be forced to get up from the computer during the interview, but just incase, make sure your pants match the outfit (if you’re wearing them that is!).

Things you need to prepare for:

  • Watch out for Auto-Correct features especially concerning names! While your friend Jasmine might spell her name with an ‘S’ your interviewer might use a ‘Z’ or no ‘E’. So be sure their name isn’t auto-corrected by Skype when initiating conversation with them.
  • Check the job description. I get it, once you send out the 10th job application that day, it kinda all gets blurred together. However now that the company has called you back, see if you can find that job description. Thankfully, the company was kind enough to attach it in an email. Please actively read it & make sure you understand all the aspects of the job. It will help you in the interview, but also in those few days prior where you were tossing & turning about whether or not this was ‘the job’ for you.
  • Also check; the company & it’s products. Two questions that stumped you: ‘How would you describe our company in a few words’ & ‘What is the product that we sell or promote?’. While your answers were kinda in the right direction, they definitely weren’t 100% on the mark. Again, go back & check these details.
  • There is a point where the long answer stops being eloquent & becomes rambling. By all means, be descriptive in your responses but be able to catch yourself (gracefully) if you feel you are going off point.
  • All this stuff takes time. Now that you know where you need to work on, as soon as you get confirmation of the time of that interview, set some time aside to do your research. Try to make it sooner rather than later, as often your control over your time weakens as different commitments & things come up over the course of the day.

Alright mate. Go out there, do that interview & get that job!

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