Monetising Your Portfolio

Some tips will make your portfolio look yours !

your portfolio is your ambassador out there in the web ! and it’s a game changer if you need a job !

let’s roll:

Do you have a favorite color ?

then make it the theme of your portfolio..because people remember colors..more than names.

if i saw this color..i’d know it’s Twitter, i’ll remember the UI , i’ll remember what i’ve been through using twitter.

Publish your work flow..not just the final result

People don’t believe anything on the internet, sometimes unintentionally..but when they see pictures of you coding , designing , doing your job , they cut the doubt, and be more social.

Sharpen your bio

first..the important part of your bio..keep it short & touchy

like this one , by a programmer:

A phrase you feel that represents you..and it should be in big font , and the other part of your bio is your job or skills and your(this info doesn’t have to be in big font).

check this example :

don’t restrict your creativity on “just projects”

Don’t just put your projects ..put pictures of you having journeys..shaking hands with an amazing person , or doing anything , as friendly as possible.

Anything you felt accomplished after doing it, should be on your portfolio.

use the landing page to put some personal info

your name , photo , logo(at the corner, if found)..

because this info will stick in your viewer’s mind

Don’t forget your beginnings

you can reference the places you started building your self from.

by places i mean : instructors who led you to the way..organizations offered courses..or just awesome people motivated you through your journey building yourself.

Your social media accounts

would be awesome if your viewer wants to dig more about you

photo of your business card

that would make you more realistic and serious to work !

A video would be awesome !

you can make a video introducing yourself..a short one..make it friendly..don’t talk about your daily life..put a soundtrack.

Ask your costumers to review you !

you can put their reviews in your portfolio..that will add credibility to your work.

and put them in :

“Quote Style”

About adding a button to have a video call !

this would be courage..putting your Skype account on your portfolio..but like i always say :

being shy does nothing, but eliminates opportunities .
you can specify a date when you’re okay with having a Skype call.

make your landing page’s background personal

don’t put a general photo as background to your landing page..make it personal.

as you see , i really focus on the landing page..because it’s the first thing the viewer’s see ,so it sticks

You can mention awards or certificates

this is not necessary at all..your biggest proof of your professionality is your work..not your certificates or awards

but like i previously said : “Anything you felt accomplished after doing it, should be on your portfolio.”

Expanding Creativity !

  • remember when i told you about your favorite color?..wouldn’t be awesome if it’s a gradient !
  • remember when i told you about publishing not just projects?..wouldn’t be fascinating if you publish photos of you and friends celebrating after finishing a project !
  • remember when i told you about putting some personal info in the landing page?..wouldn’t be spectacular if you put an overlay effect on your photo by your favorite color!..or a quote by you !
  • wouldn’t be fascinating if you put a gif as your landing page’s background ! (take inspiration from landing page)
  • wouldn’t be awesome if you develop a rotatable 3D view of your business card !.. (


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