Dare to 6X your business in 2016?

Hope you are keeping yourself warm in this rainy, cold weather in Cairo.

We knew in the previous post how General Motors was able to get its Chevy Malibu to catch-up with the competition and jump into the leadership of its market — at some point — by asking a very simple question.

What’s our winning aspiration?

Good things is that most of the strategy work is really that simple. Once you understand the analytical principles, strategy development process and allow the time and space to play with decision-making, you can create a breakthrough for your business.

AMS Leadership and Egypreneur Training Center are bringing together a group of CEOs and executives to go through these three stages.

  • Understanding the principles
  • Mastering the design process
  • Playing with decision-making scenarios

If you are in Cairo Saturday 19th, you might want to secure your seat in the Crash Course Workshop.

Quicken is a personal finance platform, made to “help you manage your money”, they also have an outstanding customer support. Though as their user base expanded, plenty of unhappy customers started calling the support center complaining about missing features like “Accounts Receivable” and “Accounts Payable” sections.

Normally a customer service agent would respond:

Of course, Sir, it’s a personal finance software, it’s not supposed to have accounts receivable and accounts payable.

And similar calls started raining on the poor customer support staff of Quicken.

Isn’t this just frustrating?

It could be, unless those in charge of designing the strategy are keen on frequently assessing how well it’s performing and playing with possible decisions to come up with even better results.

And it seems that this was the case with the strategy team of intuit, as they assess the frequency of feedback, they figured out that their personal finance software is being used for Small Business Accounting.

So, they said, while this is not where we intended to play, we got to do something about these needs that exists in the market.

Short after, QuickBooks was launched by intuit as a Small Business Accounting Software to drive 6X more business than the original Quicken ever did.

Intuit was able to grow its business 6X by changing where to play.

Make sure to confirm your booking for the Saturday workshop, so we get to discuss your winning aspiration, where to play and more on your 2016 strategy

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