How to introduce a foreign language in a child's environment

Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going.
‒Rita Mae Brown

Surely, there are many ways to introduce child with a foreign language. However, there are valuable ways which can be beneficial when a child is learning a foreign language. According to the article “Ways to Introduce Your Kids to Foreign Language by Grace Hwang Lynch, one of the ways is by bilingual immersion. Bilingual immersion is combined along with other classes. Starting a language in preschool years is crucial and by time a he or she enters twelve grade they will be fluent speakers. According to Grace article “In this type of program, learning a second language is integrated with the academic curriculum. Students as young as preschool are placed in a classroom setting where all the teaching, as well as the usual conversation, is done in the language the kids are learning”. Programs like these are not available in all school districts. Also, these programs offer the most popular languages.

Another helpful way to introduce a child to foreign language is through extra circular programs. According to the article “Extracurricular programs can provide linguistic learning opportunities in areas where bilingual education programs aren't available”. Assuredly, extracurricular programs can be beneficial, however it depends on a child schedule. Yes, extracurricular can be helpful If a child has the time.

Clearly, there are not enough foreign fluent professor who speak a foreign language that teach every single preschool all over United States. However, If all preschool bought a language learning program and create such a classroom where these kids can be taught seems double. For instance, Little Pim, the language learning program for kids is one of the most powerful program for a kid to become fluent in a foreign language. Little Pim, has twelve languages to choose from and its award wining parent approved. Programs like these are great investments for the future of kids. According to Little Pim, “Our program makes learning a foreign language easy and accessible to all kids–at the age they learn best, from 0 to 6 years. Our videos, books, flashcards, and CDs keep kids entertained while inspiring in them a lifelong love of language learning”.

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