Digital Marketing Strategies For eCommerce Businesses.

Abdul Hassan
Oct 31, 2018 · 1 min read
Source: Pronto Marketing

If your into digital marketing business below are the few terms which you should be familiar with. If any of the following are missing from your business do ensure to implement them to optimise your marketing activities and revenues.

A: Attribute, Affiliate marketing

B: Bounce Rate, Back links

C: Clicks, Conversion, Content Marketing, Call to Action, Click through rate, Cost per view, Cost per install

D: Display adverting, Database, Domain Authority, Daily Active users

E: Email marketing

F: Funnel

G: Google Adsense, Google webmaster, Google adwords

H: Heat Maps

I: Impressions, Influencer marketing

K: Keywords

L: Links, Link juice, Landing Page

M: Medium, Metrics, Monthly Active users

N: Native advertising

O: Optimisation, Open rate on emails

P: Pay Per Click, Page Authority

R: Re-targeting, Referral, Retention model

S: Source, SEO, SEM, Search, Social media marketing, Schema

T: Text ads, Traffic

U: UTM sources, URL’s

V: video views

W: Weekly retention

X: XML Sitemap

Y: Youtube Ads (Bumper ads, Display ads, Overlay ads, Skippable ads, Non-skippable ads, Sponsored ads)

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