Managing of Diverse Teams

Abdul Hassan
Jun 24, 2016 · 3 min read

Diverse teams have become an integral part of the organisations worldwide due to rapid globalisation and change in business environment over the years. The presence of the team members can be on job or off job such as a supplier, service provider and many more.

Research has proven that diversified teams perform better and can contribute positively to the organisation growth as they bring in different inputs, ideas and contribute effectively to organisation growth. But managing a diversified team is a bit complicated at times and requires certain process and methods to ensure that there is smooth flow of activities. The most common issues which arise in diverse teams are cultural misunderstanding, due to lack of culture understanding and differences. Companies polices unintentionally tend to be biased or racial towards a particular culture.

Communication, Communication:

Communication is an integral part of managing diversified teams, lack of communication can lead to confusion or misinterpretation of the intended message and create an example of being biased towards certain culture or an individual. A manger or a team member should ensure that their is a proper flow of communication in the team.

For Instance, Many of my Chinese classmates use the word “Naige” very often which means that/that one. When the word “Naige” is pronounced it sounds like “Nigga”, which totally changes the meaning of the word and sounds racist. Thanks to my classmates who had communicated me regarding this confusion, I felt they weren’t being racist as such and it was just a cultural pronunciation of a particular word.

I had the privilege to work with two multi cultural teams for Projects in two different countries, Italy and United Kingdom. Hola, Namaste, Kon Chi Wa are the various ways I great my colleges in my MBA class at Coventry University London. Having a diverse class group has helped me to understand different cultures and exposure to various working and business methods. It was a bit of challenge working with them as we were from different countries and we had different working style and attitudes. This lead to conflict and issues at time, and often ended up in stopping of the work and issues at the workplace. So how did we overcame the problem we started to communicate with each other and tried to understand culture difference which eventually helped us in improving our relations and change in working style.

I personally believe when your working with a diversified team, the most important thing is communication. Communicate with your team members from time to time to ensure that their is no misunderstanding, learn about their culture and ensure that their is a proper flow of communication channel in the management.

Abdul Hassan

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Marketing by Profession, Traveler by Passion

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