Why Central Planning Sucks and Market Reform Rock.

In the depressing slump that hit the French economy in 1681, the finance minister hastily called upon a meeting with a group of French businessmen.

When the troubled minister asked how the French state help the merchants and help promote their commerce, one of the businessman stood up, look at…

Unofficial guide to touring Brunei and not get screwed.

For a tourist who that just landed in Brunei the first thing you would do is to find a hotel, which in most instances would be in the Bandar Seri Begawan, the city.

The cheapest form of transport going there is the bus($1.00 per person) and the alternative, Taxi($10).


How hard work, mastery and meaning can shape your life for the better.

What separates the good from the Great, the mediocre from the Champions, and the normal from the Napoleons?

Those are the questions have plagued my mind for a very long time. But no longer.

After finishing Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers-recommended by Tim O-it made more sense now than ever that…

Five Tips for Aspiring Writers: Communicate. Make a point. It’s the most powerful skill you can ever posses.

Considering my being a young writer, it is my deepest hope that these “tips” may reach out to aspiring writers that would like to venture into the forays of journalism or book writing. It helped in my case so it’s my duty to impart to those who want to learn…

Abdul Malik Omar

Bruneian Entrepreneur and Writer. Editor of AMO Times, Brunei's largest youth website. http://t.co/jR36Yi3aGT

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