Abdullah twitt
May 24, 2016 · 2 min read

You can be more than you think you are,

And do more than you imagine you can,

You have a role that if you do it well, you will be the man you wish to be.

The universe is constructed by a number of related and interacted dimensions. One of them is the physical dimension that we know, and the rest of them are nonphysical.

Physical dimension is rational, governed by cause and effect. But every cause before it was a cause it was a thought in a non physical dimension. Hence, all thoughts have no boundaries, at least the great ones because the non physical dimension is not rational and surely doesn’t follow our cause and effect roles. You can now think about any unrational thought or course of events and it will go fine as a thought.

But if you want to make your thought go through the non physical dimension into the physical one you should find its own cause and effect path. And if you found no suitable path, then you should create a new path of cause and effect for it. And that what creative people do, they create new ideas and new paths to realize and manifest them.

And the most amazing thing is that if you passionately create an idea, some times the path to manifest it in the physical dimension come to you by it self. As if its a build in feature within the idea when it was being formed in the non physical dimension.

The boundaries between the physical dimension and the non physical dimensions are merely boundaries and more like a mutual fields.

You should think outside of the box. That’s you role.

The box has its own boundaries and you don’t need them if you want to be a successful creative human being.

Be the man you want to be.

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