Why I’m Quitting UCB, And Its Problem With Diversity
Oliver Chinyere

Just happened upon this article because I was like ooh someone else feels this way, I’m not just tripping. I have been the only Latino in all of my 3 courses and last course was the only gay person. It’s hard because I can’t always afford to jump into the next course like the rest of my classmates (who for the majority have been white dudes, one asian, one lesbian, a couple women). There’s a lot of things that have happened (jokes being made where I’m like I shouldn’t have to say Yes to this) that I’ve gotten upset or annoyed by and then you feel like you’re complaining when you’re just being honest to your feelings. So thanks for posting and like you said you realize you do just have to do things on your own.

p.s. I just subscribed to your YouTube channel

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