Why Is Someone Offering Business In A Box?

Introducing the two entrepreneurs who are building sustainable, independent communities by providing local trade… in a box.

Sep 22, 2017 · 3 min read

International development has become a sector in need of sustainable change. Conventional methods of providing aid to developing countries, through hand-outs and favours, risks creating a culture of dependency, or even worse…

What happens when the aid inevitably stops?

Communities need a helping hand, not a hand-out. It is this premise that has seen two alumni from the University of Southampton rewrite the script of how charities and organisations should be developing communities. To help these communities be sustainable, development organisations need to help them build independently.

Through WSV, Adam Boxer and Bradley Heslop have used the engine of enterprise to transform the lives of thousands in communities within Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and India.

Replacing aid with trade, they introduced Business in a Box. By providing local potential with the resources to establish proven businesses, Adam and Bradley are training them to create jobs, stimulate the economy and transform their community forever.

As part of their work in East Africa this month, Adam visited Rwanda, beginning training with AVEGA who works primarily with the Widows of the Rwandan Genocide.

As they began to understand the enterprises in more detail, they changed their perspective of how it would work for the communities they support.

Changing the perspective of individuals is difficult. For decades, communities have known only one solution. However, this fact has only spurred the two innovators onto pursue their objectives for sustainable change.

Over the last 4 years, WSV has packaged three community business models, ready for development organisations to unpack and assemble in communities around the world. However, their ambitions do not stop there.

In 5 years, WSV has the goal of helping the lives of millions of people:

  • 1 million women and girls with a sustainable supply of affordable sanitary towels.
  • 1 million school children with safe, clean school toilets.
  • 1 million people with safe affordable lighting.

Entering a sector like international development is difficult. Adam and Bradley haven’t just come up with a solution for helping organisations create sustainable impact, they have come up with a way to help the lives of millions.

Striving everyday to find new supporters for their work through WSV, they won’t stop until they have completed the mission they set out to accomplish 4 years ago.

So, why is someone offering business in a box? Well, it is simple.
WSV is helping you build sustainable communities.

What are you going to do to help them?

Written by ACG for WSV.

Contact press@abedincg.com for further enquiries.

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