Notable Increases In The People Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery or Plastic surgery is a medical procedure to restore a body or alter it partially or completely. It is done to increase the aesthetic value of the body. All the plastic surgeries are not necessarily called cosmetic surgery. There are many other types of surgeries such as reconstructive surgery, craniofacial, hand, microsurgery and treatments of burns and scars incurred due to accidents. In plastic surgery, skin grafting is very common. Plastic surgery is used to treat injured people, where as cosmetic surgery reshapes and remodels, but its recent uses are to enhance the beauty of face or facial organs or to remove the signs of aging.

There are several procedures and techniques with the help of which the surgery is carried out smoothly without any chances of failure. Transfer of skin tissue is the most common procedure in plastic surgery. Autografts are taken from the recipient itself, but if such a case is not possible, then allografts and Xenografts come into the picture, skin is taken from the donor. Allografts are taken from the donors of the same species and Xenografts are from different species. Such surgeries not only treat patients’ scars physically, but also give them a new life and a boost of confidence.

In cosmetic surgery Blepharoplasty or modifying nose is the most common procedure, from aspiring actresses, models, teenage girls and adults are making a beeline for changing or modifying one or the other body part. Signs of aging are reduced or removed by cosmetic surgery or Botox therapy. It removes wrinkles and prevents the further formation of wrinkles. It is an injection of botulinum toxin given to the patients, which when used by experts does no harm, it only blocks the nerves which are responsible for muscle contraction. This therapy is found more commonly in women above 40 to 45, this age has decreased from over 55 years of age which was the earlier scenario. Cosmetic surgery is a great aid for the film stars and models to look young and gorgeous all the time.

The cost of all these surgeries is rocket high. That is why such procedures are out of reach of layman and so we hear only celebrities, socialites or wives of businessmen opting for surgeries. The most common practice of cosmetic surgery can be seen during operation of taruma or severe injuries, congenital abnormalities, removal of the mole or wart, burns, fractures, tumor removal, scar repair, breast reduction. Facial surgery is another regular feature, in which patients desire to modify lips, nose, jaw line and cheekbones. Women are crazy about how they look and present themselves all the time, they have even started demanding ear and eyelid surgeries. The demand of such surgeries has been increased manifolds.