Fight for Identity

The most difficult component of my life always stuck by identifying my presence and making believe that I was the best. There’s an internal fear in me always call me that I’m not that person to cherish and cheer for any conversation.

When I invest my thoughts of exploring myself and my behavior towards into it, I always end up on the other side of the story called incapable. If I lead back to my upbringing, I’ve never been advised to be the best and never cheered for my success. I’ve been the guy who was into sports and known for adventures childhood. There’s also one more thing to add up my upbringing, I spent my entire childhood by staying away from my parents and there’s no story to cherish about my childhood with them. I plant out, this might be the reason that I feel incapable most of the time. But all these start changing in my spirit in early 20’s. I broke in my board exam and it was all different. The amount of passion and support were given by my father was incredible. In fact, I was glad that I failed, reason being I never cherish that kind of love and support in my life from parents until then. This single moment of my life changed my entire expectation of life and I turn out to be a departmental topper in my university.

Post 20’s I start to explore more about how to secure my identity and make me stronger. That’s the time I start reading about people. I recognized at the point it’s not about me what I should explore it’s all about my right set of ego, I should carry myself and what role I should play in every person’s life. I can blame my adulthood forever for lack of support and love, but it’s all about how to fix the unresolved crisis in me and find myself in it.

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