1. Introduction

More customers mean more business. Intuitively, it is safe to assume that a company’s ability to attract increasing number of customers has a direct relationship to its increasing sales. However, simply increasing the number of customer base can prove to be a vanity metric, meaning that it would not fulfill its ability to drive business. Moreover, acquiring or keeping the right customers can prove to be more effective in increasing the sales along with saving money instead of mindlessly spending resources on lost causes.


Definition: “Employee attrition is defined as the natural process by which employees leave the workforce — for example, through resignation for personal reasons or retirement — and are not immediately replaced.”

Attrition of employees can’t be avoided. Some employees leave the company as they reach their retirement age, while many leave due to many factors such as, but not limited to, lower satisfaction rate, lower pay rate, and toxic work environment. Measuring attrition can uncover many answers related to the functioning within the organisation. Higher attrition rates signal a need for further investigation.

Abhilash Singh

Data Analyst — Finding simplicity within technical jargons

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