Just get started — Do It!

Inspiration from peers nudged me to have a New Year resolution — conquer procrastination head on— Get Shit Done (GSD).

Medium is one place where I love reading — reading all kinds of stuff. I loathe, fear and hate ‘writing’ ( now all -d). One thing that reading does is that it motivates you to write. I’ve been procrastinating this (writing on Medium and LinkedIn) for over a year.

It’s like this: you are a first time entrepreneur enrolled in iconic MIT 15.390x , working out of the Trust Center (my personal himalyan yatra), and you open and close #Netflix while watching the juiced up change-the-world startup teams charting trillion $ markets or coding the next #Google or taking animated calls in Phone booths, while self-hearing Bill Aulet’s words, ‘GSD’.

The second key “nudges” are from a WhatsApp group with Startup Leadership Program Fellows, and you see your homies publishing like crazy dedicated and sharing— Srinath Ranga and Rajesh Menon on LinkedIn. Both are crazy helpful sharing thought leaders. One of the things — my favorite — at SLP is that the speed of networking is at the speed of WhatsApp internet*number of startup founders*their passion*their ability (agility) to get things moving/take joint decisions and execute as a group (such as a monthly Edtech call where we share our sales hacks and challenges — typically a double digit participation).

The third is from my failed startup experience (#TemperatureApp ) but awesome teammate, #Sloanie (fellow MIT Sloan MBA) and looking upto a pro — Erica Swallow . I’m still amazed remembering not only her excellent articulation and clarity in her writing but also her ability to quickly build up on ideas and create. Another thing that I remember just watching her in amazement is her bullet-speed train type responsiveness — and helpfulness — on emails. Thanks to that, we were able to quickly re-iterate our business model (for the classwork), shifting from enterprise market to consumer markets — finding new use cases through multiple rounds of prospective user interviews.

In my alternate ‘Freudian id’ as a social entrepreneur, founder of ARISE Impact , I’ve worked with two CMOs, one Chief Design Officer, one CTO and one COO, who’ve all been a constant inspiration to me to get things done. These are five people with ‘can do, will do’ attitude: Erandi Palihakkara (current CMO), Himani Singh (previous CMO, currently at MICA MBA), Diana Saldanha (previous Chief Design Officer, currently Graphics Designer, previously Saatchi and Saatchi), Nihav Jain (previous CTO, currently at Magic Leap) and Ankita Goyal (previous COO, currently in a gap year achieving super fitness goals and killing it!). All of them helped get ARISE Impact daily to get one step closer to our vision to enable experiential self-learning for differently-abled across the world, impacting self-confidence and employability. One way or the other, each one went out of the way to get the job done or do the job themselves.

Most recently, Erandi Palihakkara helped to establish our medium account, blogs and she’s a fantastic writer at The Huffington Post and a book critic. Her writing style and initiative-taking, ensuring that she takes opportunity to cover interesting things such as MIT Inclusive Design or Harvard Square Kiosk’s redesign involving civic movement in Cambridge (which was later picked up by The New York Times ).

The strategy here being —
1. Inspire yourself with pushing yourself in hard surroundings.
2. Feel yourself an ‘A’ player, surround yourself with ‘A+ learners’ and ‘pros’: relentless, positive, questioners and dreamers.
3. Start doing — become A+ over time (according to your target).

With all of the above experiences and strategies,

I GSD now.

Here’s the long and short of it: Get Shit Done.

Urban dictionary: GSD is brought about through a severe bout of procrastination, therefore needing to set aside long amounts of time to disappear and get shit done.

Don’t crib, don’t cry, don’t strategize. Just get started — do it!

Now that I am almost shoveling procrastinating to the grave, let’s see what funk (and junk) I spool out — the crystal ball (market forecasts), humans as ants with anthills (social psyche, philosophy, activism, civic design, community) and being different (disabled / differently-abled).

Toast to the New Years’ resolution: GSD. Do it!

I just did it: my first medium piece! Power of GSD.