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Builder — tech/products; Currently with Lowe’s via — NextStepHQ, YourStory, Odiocast, PureMetrics, MoEngage, Huawei & Infosys

Lead Magnets have been around for ages now but does it need a refresh?

It all started with the pressure of qualifying leads. It made sense for people to generate Grade A content and ask you to fill up a form in exchange for that. All was well until the pressure to churn out more “quality” content kept surmounting on marketers and the outcome today is abysmal.

When a measure becomes a metric, it ceases to be a good measure. — Goodhart’s Law

A few days back I landed up a Download PDF link by a reputed brand. I filled up the form and was waiting for my copy of the amazing FREE EBOOK…

1. Advanced Website Search Options

This enhancement helps advanced users of Chrome and Google to search your website with an entry point being Google or Chrome. It eventually opens your Website Search Page

From Google Search

If you search Github on Google you will get to see a search bar right in the results. This is powered by the OpenSearch description tag and the open search document which specifies your search pass and how can someone pass on the query parameter to the page in order to search through the website

The same metadata which powers this feature also allows you to search the website from Google Chrome…

Numbers — 57+ DBs, 60+ S3 buckets, 12+ CloudFront instances, 3 DB Instances, 5 different projects, 4 different programming languages and more than 10 frameworks.


YourStory Media is a digital media publication which champions startups and businesses in India since 2008. Technologies needed and used by Media houses have evolved dramatically in the last 10 yrs. When I joined YourStory in 2017 with the acqui-hire of Odiocast, I inherited a mixed stack. It looked something like this — customized WordPress, an in-house CMS on Ruby for UGC and regional languages, a web frontend written in NodeJS and VueJS, authentication systems in Ruby, and multiple other services with MySQL, MongoDB and Neo4J databases. The infra practically hung via a thread with no auto-scaling groups and CI/CD.

This is based on my learnings with running docker-compose in production serving millions of users

Managing infrastructure can be painful and especially when you want to optimize for cost and performance with a lean team.

It would not have been possible without adopting new technologies like Docker. With docker compose you can run multiple services on a single instance and effectively use CPU and memory. But how we scale or even manage application inter-dependencies or continuous deployment for that matter.

What we will be discussing?

  1. How to use Docker Compose without Swarm running on Auto Scaling Groups
  2. Things you need to take care of when you are running Docker Compose in Production
  3. How to automate…

CloudSearch is a managed service provided by AWS. We used AWS Lambdas, Step Functions to get the data from Firebase and move it to CloudSearch

Firebase does not provide an inherent way to search the data that you store. You either use ElasticSearch with their open source project Flashlight or depend on Full Text comparison. In this post we talk about how to simplify that using AWS Cloud Search

For those who are not familiar with Firebase; it is a “realtime” NoSQL database, currently part of Google and is pretty good when prototyping apps. It does have good SDKs for Android, iOS and Web. The entire DB is treated like a JSON document can be easily manipulated from their web console. …

In this post I will describe how we at Odiocast efficiently used server side fanouts leveraging Firebase Functions and Realtime Database

In October of 2015, Firebase team published an article which described how to use client side fanout, where you write or send one object to the server and the server rather than writing several times to different database locations. One such use case is a feed for a social network.

Listen to this on

Today I am going to tell you why we used firebase when building

Prior to building, Ravi and me were crunching numbers and running fancy queries to derive insights at our earlier venture. We were running on top of Google Cloud Platform using mostly managed services. We were simply blown away with the power of Google BigQuery, Cloud Dataflow, Google App Engine and used it as much as possible.

I believe thats one of the major reasons why we felt comfortable with GCP when compared to AWS. …

This article is aimed at users using the Amplitude Starter Plan, CleverTap or Mixpanel. In the Amplitude starter plan users do not have direct SQL access to their data, monthly accounting and behavioral cohorts which are only available for a premium price of $2000/month (phew thats expensive). This article states how you can get all that for less than a dollar per month.

For this you will need a Google Account. If you have not availed the trial $300 credit for your Google Account, you can avail the same. …

Facebook is a platform which has more information of you than even you can remember or recall. They can simply try anything, be it a marketplace or marketing tools. With emoji they can do sentiment analysis to say whether you Love a Dog or Like a Dog. No doubt every marketer would love to dive in to leverage facebook.

In the last F8, Facebook announced Push Notifications as a developer product offering. While some thought it might be a complete replica of Parse, others said they will never mature into a marketing tool, it would be mostly for developers. …

This article is part of a series of articles mentioning some important metrics and you should capture for your android app.

Everyone looks at the total number of downloads, Monthly and Daily Accounting numbers, but have you every tried to see if your app is getting downloaded from places other than the Playstore ?

While most of the analytics tool out there do not mention or track this inherently you can get this using the following code snippet and pass it to your own analytics tool/sdk.

Why do you need this ?

You might be using attribution tools and their total number of downloads and…

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