Here it rains

Here it rains. It’s now monsoon in India and everything becomes so beautiful; especially the writing part. Rains are showering with little bit of attitude as they are new to the season. But as the time will pass, surely they will roll over nicely. They have started with thunders and storms but soon will settle quietly with only showers. Most beautiful four months of the year have started and that too with a bang. But there is something which I enjoy most out of the this season. Its WRITING.

Writing becomes really interesting and thoughts pour more and more like rains. They flow too easily and there is always a sense of romance between the words. They cuddle each other and makes me believe more and more that writing is most important skill of any human being. Thoughts come and let us ride them. We use them. We manipulate them. We love them. Sometimes we hate them. But most of all. They are ours.

They become more and more sort of muse for us.

Every morning when I will get up, I won’t have to think over the topics to write a blog. They will pour automatically. They will reside within me. Every morning will be more productive and every post will be more beautiful.

There are always some strings attached to this season. We don’t remember them for so long, but as this season hits, those strings start to play music. Always, there is something in everyone’s life that is attached to this beautiful season. Maybe their first date, first love, first kiss or maybe first job, first salary, anything. Everyone remembers this season for something or other.

Here in parts of Mumbai and Konkan we love them more than anything. They bring much relief more the outlasting heat that we had tolerated for months. Sometimes, it’s too heavy to love, but most of the times its always welcomed.