Imprisoned earner

Born in a family,

grown; making mistakes too silly

never desired for anything

nor for pleasure nor for something.

Worked his ass out,

fought endless bout,

surviving to survive,

for his parents and his wife.

Duties bounded by fate,

to-do-list shifted to wait,

but still managing well,

severe circumstances; unable to tell.

His baby is now grown up,

so does his workload and hiccup,

demands are to be fulfilled daily

as he can’t question his beloved family.

He retires from his job,

accommodates himself in another mob,

waiting for his death

with severely increased so called ‘faith’.

Whole life served others,

but still no one bothers

to ask him for lunch

even if there are too many in bunch.

Still he did not complain

believes his good work can’t go in vain,

but he did not realize,

people are attracted by wealth and price.

One day he dies suddenly

his children are not free completely,

so they can’t attend his funeral

still he prays for them and forget their betrayal.

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