Is your brand part of the noise or voice of #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday ?

I have been seeing a lot of contents about #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday and in my opinion i have divided them into 2 ( Noise & Voice ). As a strategist, i am a big fan of ‘’Why ? When ? How ? What ? before any marketing campaign.Let me be concise, and divide the noise and voice brands ( Retail )

Noise Brands

  • Key communication based on ‘’Discounts’’ and you are not giving a WOW discount. Its all about discount so you are part of the noise.
  • Countdown campaigns : Who said prospects don’t know the date ?. If you are part of the small brands doing countdown campaigns, you are just reminding them to get ready to shop from the brand that has huge discounts ! They won’t buy from you because you did the countdown
  • You are not a leading brand and you decide to have #BlackFriday on Nov 27 and you have no USP ?
  • Free delivery ???? That’s not a USP — it is a regular offer

Voice Brands

  • Everybody is focusing on ‘’Discounts’’ they are focusing on ‘’Giving back’’ — Sample Copy ‘’For every item you buy on #BlackFriday, we will give back X amount to buy again’’
  • Though the sales seem occur on certain dates, they consider #BlackFriday campaigns earlier
  • Organic Search and Content marketing !

So many other points…..

Now go back to your strategy and check which brand you are.