I'm not easy to love
Life chipped away a few pieces of my heart but the whole is greater than the loss.
I'm anything but perfect, I have my vices, attitudes and way of doing things, but I'm working on it.
Striving to be a woman of character and substance.

I'm no superwoman, A spiritual gangster maybe.
I'm over passionate about what interest me, I find beauty in ashes, I'm a lover of travel & minimalistic spaces, I drink more coffee than I should, Daddy-long-leg spiders scares the crap out of me, Arts & thrift stores excites me, and Worship fuels me.

I'm a self professed ambivert, though I believe I'm more of an introvert ( mum begs to differ )
Some days I talk too much, and other days solitude's the only thing i want.
An Empath, An Enigma, A Voyage 
There's many layers to me.
I'm not perfect in any sense, but I am different.

So, I ask that you dance with me, even though I have two left feet.
Sing old songs and new songs, kiss me on my temple, be my toughest critic and my biggest fan. Lets do coffee shops and sunsets, road trips and airplanes, Paris in winter, Matching tattoos, 
Laugh with me, worship with me.
Show me all the parts of you, you are afraid of revealing, tell me what worries you, tell me what makes you happy, show me who you are inside.
Intertwine your fingers with mine, and lets live this life together.

I promise to be loyal, to pray for you more than I pray for myself, to overcome adversity alongside you, to love you despite our flaws.

I ask that while we in preparation we you keep our eyes on Christ and encounter him daily.
May our visions be ignited , clarified and in line with our destinies. May our passions and workmanship bring glory to our maker, allow our integrity to flourish, let humility rule as God blesses us with wisdom beyond our years, and strength to overcome temptations

I will wait for you, as I pray you do too. 
Right now, I need HIM more than you
Learning to be a bride to Christ before becoming a great wife to you.

The love of your life

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