Where are the GPL Typing Course Programs

I wish there were GPL typing courses like Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing (courses, not just programs). The features that set Mavis Beacon apart from TuxType and other free or GNU General Public License alternatives are:

  • per-user progress and leveling, with (printable) achievements
  • detailed explanations of finger use tailored to language (at least US English and Spanish)
  • per-user progress (and multiple user profiles)
  • a character (Mavis Beacon) to guide you and help you feel connected so the experience, who makes it more memorable

I was thinking of names for one I am starting to make (I wrote out most of the metadata for touch typing such as finger positions and how shift chooses symbols, but not for the minigames or other details yet). How many more typing trainer personas could there be imagined? I hope that there will be more and more to replace the boring typing programs out there. I am not sure if any of the names I brainstormed are non-fictional but this is not intended to represent anyone of the same name. I learned that Mavis Beacon is a fictional character recently (there is a long YouTube video about it that I probably watched in 2x speed), so I thought of some similarly exotic names for fictional typing personas to motivate people (with heavy use of French name lists and thesaurus.com):

  • Clement Touché Typing Extraordinaire
  • Dylan Demoreaux Drills You in Dvorak
  • Quentin Segal’s Mastering Qwerty
  • Nathan Touché Nullifies Typos
  • Fabien Rocherfort Excercises Your Fingers
  • Antoine Bastille Tames Your Nubs
  • Hugo Labeouf Hones Your Hands
  • Louis Dubois Deals With Digits
  • Étienne Martin Expediates Your Extremities
  • Francois Robert Informs Your Phalanges
  • Pierre Molière Optimizes Your Mitts
  • Alexandre Dupont Cultivates Touch Typing
  • Elio Marchand Imbues Muscle Memory
  • Adrien Charpentier Civilizes Your Appendages
  • Eliott Lefebvre Typing Pundit
  • Liam Fabron Keyboard Pedagogue
  • Lorenzo Couture Typing Abecedary
  • Petrovich Pavlov Keyboard Czar
  • Sultan Abdul Demands Touch Typing
  • Lord Uther Master of Keyboard
  • The Dictates of Emperor Magnatius to All Typists
  • Imperator Felix Ensures Correct Typing
  • Typing Specialist Kahn Subjugates Your Limbs
  • Prince Torel’s Typing Prowess
  • Sensai Menma’s Disciplines of Typing
  • Proctor Eloise Ends Typing Deviance
  • Professor Agnes Humiliates Amateur Typists
  • Admiral Murdoch Will Stop You from Looking at the Keys
  • You Type! Viktor Monitors Progress.

I am keeping one a secret to use in my program.