Every dress tells a story — but not just the one you would think.

A wedding dress hangs in the window after the big day. To some, it tells a story of love promised, vows of commitment, a magical day.

But what if there was a larger story behind this dress still to come?

You’ve probably read something in the news this year about sex trafficking, right in your community. For those of us who live in Portland, Oregon, this dark side of “keeping Portland weird” is an injustice we cannot ignore.

Adorned in Grace Bridal Shops exist to meet the needs of survivors and at-risk youth in creative and tangible ways. We sell new and gently used wedding gowns, formals, petticoats, veils, and accessories. All proceeds are used to promote awareness and prevention of sex trafficking as well as restoration for trafficking victims.

Today, we’re excited to launch a new opportunity of raising funds and awareness to end trafficking through our new online vintage shop! These dresses tell more than a story of someone’s wedding day — they tell a story of hope. They are so much more than a piece of history — they are someone’s future.

“I have never stopped being captured by the beautiful idea of taking a wedding dress and turning it into something that incredibly blesses someone who is vulnerable and hurting. Everyone deserves to be held up like a bride, beautiful and valuable. Sex trafficking takes that away and the ability to restore that with dresses is powerful.”
-Kate Wilkins, founding volunteer of AIG

Want to learn more about Adorned in Grace? We’d love for you to come visit either of our two Portland locations, or check us out online! You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

A dress really can change the world.