Dwayne Charrington
Jul 6 · 1 min read

Going to be completely honest, this is an incredibly low quality and biased article. The only data you really cite is the results of a front-end survey that is run by a developer active in the React community.

Everything is personal opinion and made up. Nothing in this article is real except the names of the libraries and frameworks mentioned. Articles like these are grossly misinformed and perpetuate incorrect claims.

Angular by far is still popular, it still has a larger user base than Vue has. Furthermore, Angular isn’t the slowest (you showed no benchmarks or data to back these claims up).

It seems to me you’ve bought into marketing hype from Vue and React. The virtual DOM isn’t always the most efficient way to speed up an application. In fact, ask any React or Vue developer, you’ll inevitably run into issues as a result of conflicting with the virtual DOM.

This article also acts like these are the only three choices. I’ve been using Aurelia (not on the list) sinxe 2015,which has all of these three beat by a lot. It doesn’t have the large user base, but it’s fast and easy to develop applications with it.

Dwayne Charrington

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Front End Engineer and ideas man from Brisbane, Australia. I blog here: http://ilikekillnerds.com

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