Requiem for a Headphone Jack
M.G. Siegler

M.G, I usually agree with much of what you write about, but this is not one of those times. Firstly, what is the benefit of even removing the headphone jack connector? This plug has served us well for a very long time.

People will argue it means better audio quality, but let’s be honest: most consumers think the audio through their FM radio in the car sounds good or music playing through their current iPhone earbuds (which are horrible). The problem is modern music is so over-engineered and compressed, a new port and slightly better DAC is not going to fix the core fundamental problem of modern produced music.

People listen to music on their phones out of convenience, not sound quality. As long as the quality is at least 192kbs (as a minimum) the music will sound fine through any connector port. Unless Apple are planning on including a pair of premium earbuds with the iPhone (which I doubt, because they never have), what is the point?

The iPhone is thin enough, do they really need to remove the headphone connector to make it even thinner? Any thinner and we will see a return of bendgate.

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