Why I’m Moving to Chile

In a few days I’ll be boarding a one-way flight to Chile where I’ll be living for three months participating in Exosphere, an entrepreneurial boot camp. I’ll learn, build, and create meaningful relationships with dozens of others trying to change the world. I couldn’t be more excited.


Just months ago, I walked the streets of NYC with my head down, wearing the all-to-common mask of defeat. Having graduated from university last May, I ventured to the Big Apple chalk full of ambition in pursuit of what I believed to be the perfect career path.

Despite my best intentions, I was greeted by a whirlwind of failure and painful lessons, which left me feeling lost and alone.

Where did it all go wrong?

In a world that worships success, we all too often neglect the less appealing parts of the puzzle we call life.

The doubts. The mistakes. The failures. The pain. As if they don’t exist.

Instead — we focus on the seemingly out-of-nowhere overnight success or read about the CEO who can do no wrong. But in doing so, we forget the true journey, the one of intense peaks and valleys.

We’ve been fed the illusion that happiness and success comes by knowing it all, by making no mistakes. But armor without scratches is worth nothing in the eyes of the most tested knight.

Living in a world of unprecedented opportunity, many of us believe that if we don’t have everything figured out we’re “failures”; that if we don’t know exactly what we want in life we’re inferior. But the path of discovery is often just the beginning sign of a waking up.

In such a fast changing world, finding the coordinates of a fulfilling life takes time. Satisfying your ambition is a full time job. You won’t have all the answers, nor should you expect to — but your life painting won’t paint itself.

Be honest. Ask difficult questions. Foster relationships that move you. Do work that matters.

You’ll never have everything figured out, but taking a leap with uncertainty latched on your back is the only way to level up.

Next stop Chile.