I’m forcing myself to publish the piece before the hour is up even though it probably has some typos and maybe could be written more concisely.
How to start a company with no free time
Sara Mauskopf

I could not agree more with your emphasis on tasks. I scribble notes in a notebook everyday detailing what I need to do tomorrow, next week, and next month. I really need to find an app to help with this.

And I love what you said about publishing before it’s perfect. I suffer from paralysis-by-analysis. I over think everything I do. I can think a project is the best work I’v ever done right up until it’s 75% complete, and then the doubt sets in. People won’t like it. It’s not as good as what everyone else is doing. Sadly, more often than not, my work gets discarded.

Any advice on actually overcoming this?