Been a few weeks hasn’t it.

Hello again. Been a while. So let’s get some of the general updates out of the way.


Current Stats

All in al my growth over the last few weeks has been extremely decent. I still have been taking a loss every few days.

My original plans were a few quotes every day. And a major edit once a day. I’ve decided to ditch that effort.

I’ve decided on a grid layout for Instagram. Alternating between major edit and then quote. Simple enough. Plus in my opinion it looks nice to the eyes. The quotes are large and full scale and the major edits are cropped into a black border. Looks nice.

Ive been trying to do one post a day or at least that’s my plans.

Interesting enough. I’m having a little bit of trouble breaking past the whole 70–120 likes.

Ive noticed some things depending on the content. And have decided to look into it further.

  • Full edit of major rap celebrity. Normal gets me anywhere from 70–120
  • Random street art.(I have the most fun with it tho) I did a mister gangsta potato head. Just under 50 likes. This content has so far provided the lowest amount of impressions or engagement.
  • Hiphop-Rap motivational quotes. Ive keep the theme the same for all of them and will continue to do the same. Money. Successes. Struggle. Hustle. Honestly I feel on Instagram there is an over saturation of quotes but damn…. It really works. I’m pulling 90–120 as well for each.
  • Community post: this is something new I have been trying. Each time they are by far my most successful post hands down. The only time I ever break my 120- like limit. Is when I use a call to action to the community. Asking producers/rappers to self promote or tag there friends who do music. Basically asking the hip hop creators to show off.

Community content : However because of limitations of the Instagram platform, (mainly no hyperlinks) I feel the need to create a tactic that allows them to go a step further. I want them to be able to show off there own content and I want the community to be able to bounce back and forth. Speed is a factor here. I need them to be able to show off there content as easily as possible. I don’t want you to have to search or zoom around Instagram hoping you find that one link on there profile page. And above all I don’t want them leaving my page in order for them to consume community content. I want them to consume locally and engage locally. Local being my Instagram.


Post thier content on my Instagram.

  • Allows them to show off the way I intend.
  • Allows me to control and filter the best content.
  • Engagement.
  • Keeps active attention on my platform.
  • I can create different types of post. Video/music slide/ yada yada .And I can always hyper link using location to a outside website. Allowing them to zoom out of app. Consume the content them jump back into my Instagram naturally.
  • Bring their fan base over to my page. Syphon fans without being a direct competitor i.e. A rapper doing a feature and taking a rappers fan base.
  • Relying on community content at all times.
  • Would need to rework my “grid”
  • I would be doing double the work and curating and cleaning content for them so it meets my expectations for presentation.
  • Figure out a clause so they have to post and cross promote my Instagram on there page as well.
  • It’s still community content. So in my mind it will fall into the low like bracket at first until it catches on. You can see this with team backpacks post. I assume I will have the “same” effect happen. You see some artist rank 100k likes and then another get 40 total.
  • Not consistent.

Hashtag Campaign.

This will be my first test run of an actual hashtag campaign for a completely original hashtag. And what a great failure I hope it is. This is a major learning experience and I’m excited as all hell. I honestly can’t wait.

It’s going to be.


My idea is to draw in the community. I would like them to upload there own content with this hashtag and get a foundation started. I would like this hashtag to start as place for people to show their own music content and have the top nine spots be the best of the best. I want it to be a place where indie artist can look up other indie artist to network. If a rapper is looking for a producer. If a guy is looking for beats. Whatever. But allow this to be a stage to have the community be face to face and had a spot to meet and work together and share content.

Side note: I’m going to have to ask my current rap contacts to upload something and use the hashtag to seem like it’s already starting to catch on. I assume with personal favors I can get 20 to 30 people by using hand to hand combat.

That’s all for Instagram.

Other platforms and plans.

Well let’s see. I’ve uploaded to a few times. Interesting platform I’ve got to be honest tho. Because the platform seems to just be catching on. I assume the age range is 7–15 year olds. My content Dosent get much love. I mean I posted a KRS One art plus music video and it got like 5 likes. The age range for my consumers isn’t there yet. I will continue to build a foundation but I’m really waiting for music.lly to hit scale untill I really see progress. I’ve been mostly hitting the golden era of hip hop. SMH guess I got do to a lil yachty post hahah


I barely post and use it mostly for my personal friends and contacts. I do really like the new map feature. And am now considering using this for my hibachi chef work.(actual job) I have no seen one ADD* from Instagram as of yet.


Also mostly personal. However I have all my original content in one nice and neat place.


I count this as a platform now. I post interesting art and updates to what I’m doing thought my day. Almost use it more then snapchat to show my day to day. Pretty good engagement.


Haven’t done anything still thinking if this is a route I want to go.


I really want to do something quick and easy. Like the

( 60 second hip hop show )

Or something clever

The 30 second interview!

Or 30 second interview and 30 second freestyle from guest would be neat.

Something quick in current events for hiphop.I could do it as fast (and understandable) as I can.

This is an idea I’ve been thinking about and would like to make into something soon. Way more planning needed.


That’s this lol you are here and see what I’m trying to do with it lol basically just to clear my mind and keep thoughts and notes.

Have been thinking about writing my screenplay I’ve worked on in my spare time. The card system on this would be fun to do it with. Different cards different scenes. Maybe create a choose your own adventure if that could be done!

Alexa Skills:

Honestly I just want to get into this. Plane and simple. Do I have an idea what to creat yet ? No? Do I know how to yet ? Few online tutorials and I’m a master :p well we will see how that goes.


I’m going to be looking into FBA as a side of extra income. I’ve been doing product research and learning about how they are really doing this. I contacted my business partner about it. He’s a slacker from time to time. And wants quick money. Not stable slow money. No patience. Love him to death but he has to learn there is no get rich quick. We start at 50 dollars a day for 6 months. Then 55 dollars a day. It’s a slow burn. Marathon not a sprint.

That’s really it for right now. I’m going to go back to nursing my bad tooth. Been a hell of a week.