The fresh earthy smell that it brings with a tiny drop,
The chilly breeze that sends shivers down your spine,
Painting the sky and earth alike with different hues and colours,
Bringing a smile to everyone’s face,
And lending a new lease of life to all through its touch,
The magical rain is here again!

Did you know that there is a term for the earthy scent produced when it rains? Its called “petrichor”. Every one of us definitely has one cherished memory of a rainy day. I vividly remember the day when it was raining heavily and I was at home alone. I couldn’t resist the urge to step onto my lawn and enjoy the rain. I turned on the music at its loudest volume and I danced my heart out for atleast two hours. The rain was loud enough to soften the music for the neighbors. I can never forget that day. Every time I close my eyes, the memory comes alive so vibrantly like it was just yesterday.

I also look back fondly on the days when the rain would surprise me sometimes when I was driving my two-wheeler. And every time, instead of looking for shelter, I would ride in the rain. The raindrops stinging me like pelting stones, water flowing down my face, that rare moment when I feel so aware of my own existence.

Another fond memory is of enjoying the view of a rainy day from my bedroom window, watching the raindrops fall on the almond tree in my house and turn the leaves a lively green. I would sit for hours reading a book, devouring hot samosas prepared by my mom and looking up to enjoy the view. I often miss those carefree, spontaneous moments in today’s times, where we are preoccupied or busy being so prim and proper.

So, today when my family was shopping in the street market and it started to rain heavily, I decided to steal my moment with rain. I offered to get my car, which was some distance away, while they waited at a sheltered place. While everyone was running helter-skelter trying to find shelter, everything around seemed at a halt, I walked in the rain. I couldn’t stop smiling as I felt the rain drops on me. I almost stopped myself from breaking into a dance. A few people looked up surprised, perhaps wanting to do the same themselves but wondering what others would think. It was raining quite heavily so I was soaked by the time I reached my car. But, I had my moment with the rain and I was elated.

What is your favorite story of a rainy day? Share it with us in the comments.

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